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colophon - how this site is assembled

This site runs on the open source PmWiki.
It is using a custom skin which you can download here.

It is customized using the advice of the following "Cookbook" customizations and plug-ins:

  • CleanUrls which makes URLs look shorter and like paths.
  • FastCache to speed up this site and make it more CMS like.
  • ObfuscateEmail which does what the name suggest, obfuscating email-addresses on this site, i.e. make it harder to get harvested by spammers.
  • ExternalLinks, a special markup to distinguish external links from internal ones and open them in a new Window. All 'InterMap' links don't count as external in my setup and url-links are checked if they are on the same domain. Though, I customized this "recipe", which resulted in the flowing code added to the config-file:

# external links markup
$LinkFunctions['http:'] = 'TxtLinkIMap';
$LinkFunctions['https:']  = 'TxtLinkIMap';
$LinkFunctions['mailto:']  = 'MailLinkIMap';
$LinkFunctions['Attach:'] = 'TxtLinkUpload';
$IMapLinkFmt['Attach:'] =
	"<a class='urllink' href='\$LinkUrl' rel='nofollow'>" .
		"\$UploadText" .
if ($EnableUploadOverwrite) {
    $IMapLinkFmt['Attach:'] .=
	"<a class='createlink' href='\$LinkUpload'>" .
		"&nbsp;&Delta;" .
$UrlLinkTxtFmt =
	"<span class='url'>" .
		"<a class='urllink' href='\$LinkUrl' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>" .
			"\$LinkText" .
		"</a>" .
$MailLinkTxtFmt =
	"<span class='mailto'>" .
		"<a class='urllink' href='\$LinkUrl' rel='nofollow'>" .
			"\$LinkText" .
		"</a>" .
$UrlLinkImgFmt =
	"<a class='urllinkimg' href='\$LinkUrl' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>" .
		"\$LinkText" .

function TxtLinkIMap($pagename,$imap,$path,$title,$txt,$fmt=NULL) {
	global $UrlLinkImgFmt, $UrlLinkTxtFmt, $_SERVER;

	if (!$fmt) {
		if (strpos($path, $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) === FALSE)
			$fmt = preg_match('/^<img/',$txt) ? $UrlLinkImgFmt : $UrlLinkTxtFmt;
			$fmt = $UrlLinkFmt;
	return LinkIMap($pagename,$imap,$path,$title,$txt,$fmt);

function TxtLinkUpload($pagename, $imap, $path, $title, $txt, $fmt=NULL) {
	global $FmtV;
	$FmtV['$UploadText'] = str_replace('Attach:','',$txt);
	return LinkUpload($pagename,$imap,$path,$title,$txt,$fmt);

function MailLinkIMap($pagename,$imap,$path,$title,$txt,$fmt=NULL) {
	global $UrlLinkImgFmt, $MailLinkTxtFmt;
	if (!$fmt)
		$fmt = preg_match('/^<img/',$txt) ? $UrlLinkImgFmt : $MailLinkTxtFmt;
	return LinkIMap($pagename,$imap,$path,$title,$txt,$fmt);

Anything described and/or shown on this page is either licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or version 3.
Feel free to use it under these terms.