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The software section of this site is dedicated to my low priority projects, written in my spare-time or for educational purposes.

Please be aware of the fact that I developed most of this software as test case, with me as the only user in mind (and maybe some friends/family) and for one special purpose. It may is not intended to be useful for others, but it may be is and therefore I decided to publish it. The projects which are planed for a wider audience are eventually marked accordingly. Somethings may look ugly as hell, have bugs, don't work at all. They all meet all the other expectations you may or may not have from the typical one-man-open-source-project.

Anything published here (including the downloads-section) is "free as in beer". If not specially stated it is licensed either under the GPLv2 or GPLv3 and the source code can be downloaded from either the individual software pages, or found in the downloads selection. Therefore most of it is also "free as in speech".

Projects that are more or less active:

Projects that are inactive: