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Randoom is a small application which is designed to generate random numbers, which should help the user to decide some arbitrary problem. Obviously the problem has to be numerical or you have to have a finite number of known possible solutions in mind.

As an example you may want to think of some random network-port to setup for a given application, which is assumed to be more secure than using the standard one, if it is forwarded to a public network like the internet.

A special version for mobile phones called Randoom Mobile is also available.


To use this software download the archive (link is on the bottom of this page) and unpack it with your favorite (un-)packing program (I recommend using 7zip on Microsoft Windows).

The resulting folder contains two scripts (one for Microsoft Windows and one for Unix-like-systems). Choose and run the appropriate one for your operating system. On Unix-like systems you may have to change the file-permissions to allow the script to be executed.

The interface itself should be self explaining. Input the number or range of choices you have in mind and how many numbers you want to draw from this range, than press the "Go!"-button and the result will present itself. You can than copy it to your clipboard if you like.

A command line interface is also available. Run the appropriate script for your platform adding "-help" as argument and a brief notice how to use it will appear.

Keep in mind that a Java runtime has to be installed and operational for both the GUI and command line interface.


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'Randoom' as a Name

When I created the unnamed first prototypes of this program it was surprisingly difficult to generate a "truly" random number in a given range without loosing to much entropy (or "randomness") and preferring one choice over another.

In a very short time a number of subtle mistakes turned up (and some new ones were introduced) and I had to create new versions over and over again to submit them to someone for testing.

The moment the "fixed version" was released I found the next flaw. This lead me to a comment about the fact that this program might be some sort of doomed. Before finishing to type this comment the idea of naming the program "Randoom" was kind of obvious, as it generates random numbers and might be doomed.

In fact the whole attempt to generate random numbers using a computer is doomed in the first place, as computers can only execute algorithms and by definition these always produce predictable results, which by definition is not random.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; version 3 of the License.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

Change Log

---v1.1.0.0--- 2009-05-03
 * release

---v1.1.0.RC3--- 2009-05-02
 + code cleanup

---v1.1.0.RC2--- 2009-05-01
 + automatic resize to decrease platform specific design differences

---v1.1.0.RC1--- 2009-04-29
 + new design
 + usable by keyboard only
 + accepts ranges (1-10) as well as single numbers as 'choices'
 + added some presets
 + able to use different random-number-generators
 + same jar-"binary" can load both the command-line- and the GUI-version
 + splash screen doesn't delay GUI loading
 + new loader scripts for Windows
 + complete internal rewrite

The full change log can be viewed here.